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A Simple and effective solution to manage your weight and live a healthier life.


Simple Body Weight Management is not just a another weight loss clinic but rather we are attempting to change the way people manage their weight. Every day we meet people who have struggled to maintain their weight for years. They have tried every diet, followed every fad and somehow they end up right back where they started. We want to break the cycle. It is our goal to not only help you lose your weight but to also keep it off for the rest of your life. These are not idealistic promises but rather our commitment to you.

I am enjoying this new found power I have over my eating habits, and I know you will too!


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I know now that I have made a life change and really it’s not that hard if you “want it”.


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See what sets us apart from everyone else – We are not just another weight loss clinic.


IdealSmart is the Technology Companion to the Ideal Protein Protocol

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

The four phases of our Protocol are designed to help you set, achieve and maintain your weight loss goals…

Achieving 100% of your weight loss goal; The Ideal You!

Learning the fundamentals of food and how it impacts your body;

Focusing on developing smarter eating habits and better lifestyle living!

Maintaining your Ideal Weight and the new you! The Ideal You!

Total Clients

Pounds Lost

Inches Lost

*Numbers are rounded and not in real-time

I didn’t go on a diet. This has been a 100% lifestyle change!


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My change is rather evident. I just hand them a brochure and say, “If you are serious, talk to Simple Body”.


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Do it!! It’s the easiest thing in the world to do if you are in control.


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