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Feel free to compare the cost of our services with any other “big” name weight loss company out there – if they will actually give you a cost.  Here at Simple Body we believe that weight loss can be inexpensive and effective at the same time.  We are often told that we are 30-50% cheaper than the other guys.  We offer a comprehensive program for approximately $450 a month and that includes 2 meals and a snack a day.

Online Ordering

You can shop from home 24/7 through our exclusive online system.  When you arrive for your weekly weighin you will find your food packaged up and ready to go.  You can focus on your wieghin and your coaches advice instead of spending all your time shopping.  Any items you purchase through our online system are paid for at pickup and we take cash, cheque, most credit cards and debit.

Online Booking

We offer an exclusive booking system that allows you to pick the time that is best for you.  Our system also offers recurring appointments and a login feature which make booking an appointment quick and easy.  Finally the day before your appointment you will recieve both an email and a text reminding you of your appointment.

Modern Clinic

In January of 2016 we moved into our brand new location. This warm and inviting place makes getting weighed in enjoyable and you may find yourself “hanging out” and enjoying the atmosphere. We offer private weighin rooms, a washroom, a changeroom and wide open spaces.

Low Carb Groceries

We carry a small selection of low carb groceries to assist you in adding variety to your diet.  These products are sourced with our protocol in mind and include a variety options including salad dressings, sauces, miracle noodles, coconut bacon and many others.  Having these products in our clinic means you don’t have to run around the city looking for your own ways to spice up your meals.

Rewards Point Program

Every time you purchase a product at Simple Body Weight Management you get points.  These points can be used towards the purchase of any product in our store.  We also use these points to reward our clients for referrals.  It’s like getting a little Christmas gift everytime you shop.


For the first 12 weeks of our program you are taken through a series of worksheets that educate you on your diet and on what is going to happen when the diet is over.  Working with your coach, your personal knowledge will expand and grow so that you can better understand how to manage your weight.

Individual Packages

Unlike purchasing product from a pharmacy shelf where you have to buy product by the box we offer you the ability to purchase your food one piece at a time.  Not only does this save you money but you also get to experience the full range of products available.

Classes & Sessions

Over the course of the year we offer a variety of different classes and learning sessions to help you.  These sessions are usually free or come at a very low cost.  You can visit our events page to see when our next events will be.

Full Product Line

We carry the complete line of Ideal Protien products.  We receive new shipments every week and we strive to always have the food you want available.

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