“I am enjoying this new found power I have over my eating habits, and I know you will too!”


Pounds Lost

Inches Lost

dawnTell us why you chose to come to Simple Body?
My good friend Kim had just finished her journey with Simple Body, and when I saw her “after “ picture I knew it was something that I needed to do. She shared her story with me, and explained the process and I was sold!

How would you describe your weight gain? Was it gradual or a result of a particular incident?
I felt like I had battled my weight my whole life. I never felt happy with my body. I think I was an average size as a teen, but after having my daughter at 22, and then working a desk job, the weight just slowly crept up there.

What other diets had you tried in the past and what were the results?
I had done Weight Watchers, and Herbalife in the past, with some success; but nothing got me like Ideal Protein. This was the time for me to just do it!

dawn2What were the challenges you faced in starting our diet? How did you overcome them?
Financially it was a bit of a challenge, but I just put myself first and knew that this was a short- term commitment to a better life. In the long run it is much cheaper than years of unhappy eating….

Motivation is also a challenge for me. Knowing that Rick and Nancy were there for me every week meant the world, and I knew what they were expecting of me!! That got me through any difficult patches.

As you moved through the diet, how did you feel? What were some of the good points and what were
some of the bad points?
I just kept feeling better and better!! My energy level sky-rocketed and I was happier.

I really didn’t have any very difficult times. The ones I can think of were just a matter of me getting cocky and thinking that I “got this” and could cheat- NO CHEATING!! It was just a mind over matter thing for me. I had to remember how good I was feeling and how bad I felt before.

What goals or achievements did you reach as you lost weight? Why were they significant (ie. Got back
into your wedding dress, reached a goal weight)
I had a goal weight when I started of 40lbs. I thought that would be fine; I would be happy then. Of course, after my first 20 lbs or so, that goal changed and then I think it even changed again! My belief in myself grew and I knew that I could get to where I would be healthy and happy.

dawn1If someone was considering this diet what would you tell them?
DO IT! You must be 110% committed, but it is truly a game-changer. You will not believe how proud of yourself you can be. You deserve to feel as great as you always wanted to!

How are you doing now? Are you keeping your weight off? How do you feel?
A couple weeks into Phase 4 and I am feeling fantastic. I feel confident in what I have learned about myself, my body and the way food works. I am enjoying this new found power I have over my eating habits, and I know you will too!

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