“My change is rather evident. I just hand them a brochure and say, ‘If you are serious, talk to Simple Body’.”


Pounds Lost

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gregTell us why you chose to come to Simple Body?
I can to Simple Body due to excessive weight. I came face to face with someone who was on the program. The change in the person was unmistakable including the energy and excitement about finding something that truly worked.

How would you describe your weight gain? Was it gradual or a result of a particular incident?
My weight gain as over about 7 years. It was consistent over that time. I was eating sporatically, skipping breakfast, enjoying my drinks that turned out to have an enormous amount of calories in them. WE also tended to have a lot of candy, nibblies and things that were not exactly dietary, in our office at special times. Christmas, Easter, tax time, summer and Thanks giving saw the office teem with everything except healthy options

What other diets had you tried in the past and what were the results?
I had participated in a couple. They were successful in losing the weight but once done, there was no training of how to eat afterwards. What encouraged me about Simple Body was that it was targeting the fat areas but also, it showed me how to eat when I was done.

What were the challenges you faced in starting our diet? How did you overcome them?
I couldn’t tie my golf shoes. When that became a reality, I was hooped!!!!

As you moved through the diet, how did you feel? What were some of the good points and what were some of the bad points?
The Simple Body plan is the easiest dietary plan I’ve ever seen. The food is great, plentiful and very satisfying. Also, as I eat at restaurants a lot, I was able to have a few restaurants get on-side with me. Finnegan’s, Cactus Club, and a few others allowed me to modify my meals to meet the standards of the diet. Since completion, I have continued to eat restarurant meals in that fashion. They are delicious.
I have passed on the diet to others and each one of them have found success without challenges of hunger or satisfaction. We have all learned how to eat properly along the way, which is the most important part of the life long eating plan provided by Simple Body. The saying, “Nothing tastes as good as THIN feels”, is certainly true.
I was told at the beginning that if I followed the plan 100%, I would get 100% out of it. If I followed it 90% I would get 30% out of it. I followed it 100% and hit my goal in 20 weeks. I averaged 3 pounds per week, not steadily, but overall. Others have experienced similar % losses. Results were evident from the first day……that alone gets you going.
The bad points???? Well none really that I can think of except that I have no intention of giving up my caramel nut bars!!!!!!

What goals or achievements did you reach as you lost weight? Why were they significant (ie. Got back into your wedding dress, reached a goal weight)
Nope…..can’t get into my wedding dress… I wore a suit.
Likely the most significant achievement physically is the need for a new wardrobe. But the achievement most noticeable is the increased level of energy afforded by the combination of weight loss, proper vitamin intake, proper eating habits and just plain feeling good about the way I look. I will never be “attractive” but for what I have to work with, I am as presentable as I can be.
I heard two other people, who are or were on the plan, say to each other, “Doesn’t it bug you that we are trying so hard, and people don’t say “Wow, you really look good/younger/more energetic like they do to Greg all the time!” A couple short weeks later, I was present in a room when someone said to each of them, independently, “Gee, you’ve really lost weight and look great!” While no one saw the smile on their face, I knew they felt as successful as I do!! The smile on my face was hidden and concealed, but I knew what they felt like!

If someone was considering this diet what would you tell them?
I get asked all the time. My change is rather evident. I just hand them a brochure and say, “if you are serious, talk to Simple Body”.

How are you doing now? Are you keeping your weight off? How do you feel?
Two months after my goal, I weigh 1.6 pounds less that my goal weight. I feel energetic, comfortable and satisfied. Of course, I will measure the total success a year from my goal. I am confident that I can make it. I have the tools to stay at the weight I am now. If I am dumb enough to gain the weight back, it will be because I don’t have the knowledge.
And heh, I can tie my golf shoes just fine!!!

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