“I didn’t go on a diet. This has been a 100% lifestyle change!”


Pounds Lost

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kimTell us why you chose to come to Simple Body?
I had heard about Ideal Protein and did some initial research online. I googled Ideal Protein Abbotsford and the Simple Body’s website popped up. After reading Ricks Blog I felt like I knew him. I had walked the similar journey and had battled with my weight for years.
After making the initial appointment to meet Rick and hear all about the program I was convinced that it was exactly what I needed.

How would you describe your weight gain? Was it gradual or a result of a particular incident?
I guess you could say I’ve had a distorted view of food my whole life. Growing up I watched my Mom battle her weight, she was never NOT on a diet.
I am by no means entirely blaming her for my weight problem, but I had a front row seat to see how to use food incorrectly. Food became my ” drug of choice ” ! I would eat when I was bored, I would eat when I was happy, lonely, sad etc…
Through my 20’s and 30’s I would see saw down and back up. I just gradually over the span of 20 years managed to put on 70 or so pounds. It didn’t help that I have an extremely sedentary job. After sitting at a desk for the past 17 years I knew I had to make some changes. It became about my health ! I did start a running program 3 years ago and did succeed and lost approx 35 pounds through exercise and diet. I fell off the wagon about a year and a half ago and could see myself slowly regaining the weight I had lost. I felt like a run away train and I needed to put on the brake and that is when I started my program with Rick.

Kim3What other diets had you tried in the past and what were the results?
I have been on Jenny Craig, Herbalife, South Beach to name a few

What were the challenges you faced in starting our diet? How did you overcome them?
After going through the McDonald’s drive through on my way home from meeting with Rick and enjoying my ” last hurrah ” I woke up the next morning ready to start my ” Ideal protein ” program. The first 3 days were kind of horrible for me. I could literally feel the carbs being detoxed from me. I sorta regretted my ” last hurrah “. But I truly followed the program to a T. I drank water like a banshee and took my supplements and did everything spot on. I was so excited when I was out of my first 3 days and knew that once I was in ketosis that the real weight lose would start to happen. Truly I think having had such a , for lack of a better word, crappy first 3 days I didn’t cheat, I didn’t want to kick myself out of ketosis and have to go through that all again.
I literally took it day by day. Every night I would put my head on my pillow and be so proud of self for not caving to temptation! The weight consistently came off !

As you moved through the diet, how did you feel? What were some of the good points and what were some of the bad points?
I truly felt amazing on the program. My energy was high and I never truly ever felt like I was starving! I would happily end every day with my Carmel Nut bar.
The shakes were super easy and yummy. I would have either a yogurt or chocolate shake for breakies and lunch. That was the easiest thing for me while working and through the summer. I would pack my picnic lunch of veggies and my shaker and I was good to go.
kim1What goals or achievements did you reach as you lost weight? Why were they significant (ie. Got back into your wedding dress, reached a goal weight)
It is funny one night I was actually going through my closet looking for something and happened to stumble on my Grad dress from 1987. I thought… “hmmm… i wonder”. So I pulled it out and put it on not even expecting to be able to get the zipper up, well, it did in fact zip up and was even a wee bit big. I was squealing and came running down stairs. My husband was so pumped for me he took pictures and we posted it on facebook. Very Gratifying Moment!

If someone was considering this diet what would you tell them?
YES! DO IT!!!! You deserve it!!! It isn’t always easy, there were moments when I was like ” oh I bet that tastes good ” but I focused on my goal and it became more important than the cookie !

How are you doing now? Are you keeping your weight off? How do you feel?
I am in the Maintenance Phase, I am in the ” real world ” now, so to speak. I have to choose to cook and eat the right foods. I am feeling great, back running and working out regularly.
Keeping the weight off and still taking it a day at a time. I didn’t go on a diet. This has been a 100 % life stye change !!!

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