The Cost

Much more affordable than you think

The cost of Simple Body Weight Management varies depending on where you are in the weight management process

Start up Costs

Life-Time Membership Fees ($149.00)

First Month’s Supplements ($84.00)

First Week’s Meal Replacement Products ($89.25)

Total $322.25

Phase One Weekly Costs

While you are on Phase one of the Weight Loss process you will need to buy a weekly supply of meal replacements ($89.25).  Every four weeks you will need to replenish your supplements for the month ($84.00)

Therefore the average weekly cost while on phase one of the weight loss process is $108.65.

Phase Two & Three

Once you have reached your goal there is a transition process that requires 2 phases.  Each phase requires two product per day.  Therefore Phase Two & Three costs $59.50 per week for meal replacement products.  You must remain on your supplements throughout the first three phases of the weight loss process.

lady4Phase Four

Once you have reached your desired weight and have transitioned off the diet you may stop the use of our supplements and meal replacements and return completely to “regular” food.  That being said many of our clients choose to continue to purchase products from us including supplements, snacks and easy choice foods for those days when life gets busy.  You may come in for complimentary weigh-ins any time but there is no requirement that you visit us on a regular basis.

Occasional Weight Management

We fully understand that over the course of time people tend to gain weight. You may always return to the weight loss process by simply placing an order and jumping back on the diet for a few weeks.  We often see clients come in for a weight correction following vacations and holidays.  The costs involved with this vary depending upon how much weight needs to be corrected.

*Prices do not include TAX 

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